Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

“Models and Methods for Collaboration in Periodical Studies, 1990 to 2020.” Victorian Periodicals Review. Special Issue on Collaboration. Ed. Jennifer Phegley. Accepted for publication in fall 2021.

“Zooming In and Out: Theories of Poetry from Checking the Periodical Poetry Index”. Victorian Periodicals Review. 52.3 (fall 2019).

“How Victorian Periodicals Mourn: Obituaries and Memorial Essays.” Victorian Review 43.2 (fall 2018).

“Bibliographic Databases and the ‘Golden Stream’: Constructing The Periodical Poetry Index.” Victorian Review 38.2 (Sept. 2013). with Natalie Houston and Lindsy Lawrence.

“Teaching and Learning with The Periodical Poetry Index.” Victorian Periodicals Review 45.2 (Summer 2012). with Natalie Houston and Lindsy Lawrence.

Book Chapters

“Alongside: Reflections on our Feminist Collaboration.” In Revealing Meaning: Feminist Methods in Digital Scholarship. Eds. Kim Martin and Heather Froehlich. Wilfred Laurier University Press. with Natalie M. Houston and Lindsy Lawrence. Accepted by editors.

“In Lady Delacour’s Shadow: Women Patients and Breast Cancer in Short Fiction.” In Medicine, Health, and Being Human. Ed. Lesa Scholl. Routledge, 2018.

Digital Humanities

Periodical Poetry: An Index of Poetry in Nineteenth-Century Periodicals. Co-Editor. Version 2.0, spring/summer 2021. with Natalie M. Houston and Lindsy Lawrence.
Periodical Poetry indexes poetry published in nineteenth-century periodicals and offers full bibliographic citations as well as information such as first lines, length, illustration, and other poem features through searching and browsing.

Book Reviews & Bibliographies

Review of Victorian Pain by Rachel Ablow. Victorian Periodicals Review 51.3 (fall 2018).

“‘A World of Disorderly Notions’: Technology and Agency for the New Woman.” Review of Lena Wånggren’s Gender, Technology and the New Woman. Nineteenth Century Gender Studies 13.3 (winter 2017).

“A Review of Trends and Teaching Composition: A Professional Development DVD by Pearson Longman.” Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy 13.2 (2009): n. pg. with Angela Bullard, Kelly Cameron, David Elder, Charlotte Hogg, Amanda Irvin, Jason King, Laura Knudson, Matthew Koch, Joddy Murray, and Kristi Serrano.

Contributor to Research Society for Victorian Periodicals Bibliography, Victorian Periodicals Review, 2015-present.

Contributor to Routledge Annotated Bibliography of English Studies, 2008-2012