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West 54th Street | New York City, New York


Ph.D. in English with Distinction, Certificate in Women's Studies - May 2011

  • Dissertation
    • Title - "A Sentence of Death Had Been Passed on Her": Representing the Experience of Breast Cancer in Britain through the Long Nineteenth Century [abstract]
    • Committee - Dr. Linda Hughes (chair, English), Dr. Karen Steele (English), Dr. Mona Narain (English), Dr. Suzy Lockwood (Nursing)
  • Comprehensive Exams
    • Areas - Victorian Poetry: Form and Theory; 19th Century British Women Writing Women's Experience; Feminist Theories of Cultural Memory and Disability Studies
    • Committee - Dr. Linda Hughes (chair, English), Dr. Anne Frey (English), Dr. Mona Narain (English), Dr. Rebecca Sharpless (History)

M.A. in English, Certificate in Women's Studies - University of Houston - 2007

  • Thesis
    • Title - "[S]he that lives must mourn": Elegiac Performances in the Legacy of Victorian Women Poets
    • Committee - Dr. Natalie Houston (chair, English), Dr. Lynn Voskuil (English), Dr. Jeanne Scheper (Women's Studies)

B.A. in English, Certification in Secondary Education - Schreiner University - 2002

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Teaching Experience

Texas Christian University, Department of English

Graduate/Adjunct Instructor, 2007 - 2009, 2010

  • English 10803 - Introductory Composition (fall 2007, spring 2008)
  • English 20803 - Intermediate Composition (fall 2008, spring 2009)
  • English 10103 - Introduction to Fiction (summer 2009)
  • English 20403 - Major British Writers (summer 2010)
  • English 30493 - Women Poets and Poetic Tradition as Directed Pedagogical Study with Dr. Linda Hughes (spring 2008)
  • Economics 40003 - Senior Seminar in Economics as Teaching Assistant for Dr. Steve Quinn, helping students with new media work (fall 2009, spring 2010)

Columbia College, Department of English

Adjunct Instructor, 2010 - present

  • English 111 - English Composition I (late fall 2010, spring 2011)
  • English 112 - English Composition II (winter 2011)

University of Houston, Department of English

Teaching Assistant, 2006 - 2007

  • English 1303 - Freshman Composition I (fall 2006)
  • English 1304 - Freshman Composition II (spring 2006)
  • English 2305 - Introduction to Fiction (spring 2007)

Alamo Heights High School, Department of English

Teacher, 2003 - 2004

  • English II - World Literature
  • English III - American Literature

Center Point High School, Department of English

Teacher, 2002 - 2003

  • English I - Introduction to Literature
  • English III - American Literature

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Other Education & University Experience

Blue Engine

Site Director for English and Literacy, 2011 - 2012

Designed and executed pilot program placing Blue Engine Teaching Assistants (BETAs) in English/Language Arts classrooms in three high-need high schools in low-income communities. Provided daily support for BETAs and lead teachers at each school through curriculum design and planning, professional development, data tracking systems and analysis, and relationship management. Designed and executed three weeks of training for incoming BETAs on English content, pedagogical practices, data tracking and analysis, diversity and cultural awareness, and team building. Created and maintained systems for internal communications, team reporting and data tracking, corporate retreat and management training, and 360° review process. Designed cross-content literacy model to support reading and writing skills for English, social studies, and science classes to be modified and implemented in 2012-2013 academic year.

Texas Christian University, Department of English

Assistant Director of Composition, 2010 - 2011

Coordinate and manage a week long Pre-Semester Workshop and weekly meetings for new Graduate Instructors, Assessment of Composition Program Core Outcomes, and monthly meetings of Composition Committee. Schedule sections of courses taught by Graduate Instructors in spring and fall 2011. Maintain Composition Program Wiki of shared files and materials. Provide daily support for all Graduate Instructors as needed. Complete general daily and weekly tasks and projects assigned by Director of Composition. Substitute in graduate-level Teaching College Composition course as needed.

Texas Christian University, Student Development Services

First Year Experience Assessment, summer 2010

Revised and created surveys to assess the First Year Experience programs, including a parent survey for Academic Orientation and student surveys for Academic Orientation, Academic Advising, and Frog Camp. Scanned and assessed results for surveys, providing quick feedback for 20 First-Year Experience events. Prepared reports of the results of the assessment of First-Year Experience programs. Developed user guides for internal University users of SnapSurvey 10.

Texas Christian University, Office of the Associate Provost and Dean of University Programs

Graduate Assistant, 2009 - 2010

Coordinated and managed Graduate Forum, Audit of Graduate Assistant Responsibilities, and Responsible Conduct of Research Plan and Training. Participated monthly in Women's Studies Advisory Board, Graduate Council, Meetings of Associate Deans of Graduate Studies for each College, and Associate Provost’s Directors Meetings.

Texas Christian University, Office of International Studies

London Assistant, summer 2008 and January 2010

In summer 2008, coordinated London summer study abroad programs on-site. Ensured safety of students through developing and presenting orientation with safety procedures and emergency plans to protect TCU students while studying in London and providing on-call support 24 hours a day. Supported professors and students through general office tasks. Facilitated transition of TCU programs in London. Developed system to make ID process more efficient for TCU faculty and students as well as facility managers at Florida State University London Centre.

In January 2010, guided students studying abroad in London for upcoming semester. Introduced students to the city and provided general orientation to living in London. Transported students to housing at University of Westminster.

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“Bibliographic Databases and the ‘Golden Stream’: Constructing The Periodical Poetry Index.” Victorian Review 38.2 (Sept. 2013). Print. With Natalie Houston and Lindsy Lawrence.

“Teaching and Learning with The Periodical Poetry Index.” Victorian Periodicals Review 45.2 (Summer 2012): 224-7. Print. With Natalie Houston and Lindsy Lawrence.

Co-Editor of Periodical Poetry: An Index of Poetry in Nineteenth-Century Periodicals. Forthcoming 2011.

“‘Approaching the Last Hour’: Agency and Rhetoric in Women Patients' Breast Cancer Narratives of Nineteenth-Century Britain.” Submitted to Victorian Literature and Culture in June 2010. Suggested substantial revision and a new submission. Revisions in progress.

"A Review of Trends and Teaching in Composition: A Professional Development DVD." Kairos 13.2 (Spring 2009). with Angela Bullard, Kelly Cameron, David Elder, Charlotte Hogg, Amanda Irvin, Jason King, Laura Knudson, Matthew Koch, Joddy Murray, and Kristi Serrano [html] Routledge Annotated Bibliography of English Studies,2008-present

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Conference Presentations

  • "Curious Medical Narratives: Breast Cancer and Woman’s Experiences with Medicine of the 1890s." British Women Writers Conference. The Ohio State University. Columbus, OH. March-April 2011. [abstract]
  • "'Not to keep it concealed': Coverage of Breast Cancer in Victorian Women's Periodicals." Research Society of Victorian Periodicals. Yale University. New Haven, CT. September 2010. [abstract]
  • "Breast Cancer in the Nineteenth Century: Narrating the Journey through Diagnosis, Treatment, and the Aftermath." British Women Writers Conference. Texas A&M University. College Station, TX. April 2010. [abstract]
  • "How to Live and Grieve: Instructions from Early Victorian Women’s Memorial Poetry." Research Society for Victorian Periodicals. University of St. Thomas. Minneapolis, MN. August 2009. [abstract]
  • "'Our Sense of National Loss': Collective Memory and Royal Death, 1861-1865." North American Victorian Studies Association & British Association for Victorian Studies Joint Conference. Cambridge University, UK. July 2009. [abstract]
  • "'A Sentence of Death Had Been Passed on Her': Breast Cancer and Friendship in Victorian Women Writers, 1875-1895." British Women Writers Conference. University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA. (accepted for spring 2009 but did not present) [abstract]
  • "Periodical Mourning: The Character of the Woman Author as Created in Victorian Elegies and Obituaries." Research Society for Victorian Periodicals Conference. Roehampton University, London, UK. 5 July 2008. [abstract]
  • "'[S]he that lives must mourn': Dual Marginality in Nineteenth-Century Women's Memorial Poetry." British Women Writers Conference. Indiana University, Bloomington IN. 29 March 2008. [abstract]
  • "'A Would-Be Laura': Lady Mary Wroth's Voice and Apostrophic Language." South Central Renaissance Conference. San Antonio, TX. 8 March 2007.

Invited Presentations

  • "Taking the PhD Comprehensive Exams." TCU English Department Graduate Student Professionalization Series. Fort Worth, TX. 23 September 2010.
  • "Conferencing as A Graduate Student." TCU English Department Graduate Student Professionalization Series. Fort Worth, TX. 10 November 2009.
  • "Library and Online Research." TCU English Graduate Instructor Pre-Semester Workshop. Fort Worth, TX. 19 August 2009. [handout in pdf]
  • "Incorporating Technology: Blogging." TCU English Graduate Instructor Pre-Semester Workshop. Fort Worth, TX. 21 August 2008. [handout in pdf]
  • "Library and Online Research." TCU English Graduate Instructor Pre-Semester Workshop. Fort Worth, TX. 20 August 2008. [handout in pdf]

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  • Ashgate/RSVP Travel Award for Travel to Research Society for Victorian Periodicals Conference (2010)
  • Travel Grant - TCU Graduate Studies (2010)
  • Travel Grant - TCU English Department (2009)
  • Travel Grant - TCU Graduate Student Senate (2009)
  • Runner Up, Graduate Instructor of the Year - TCU English Department Composition Program (2008)
  • Graduate Student of the Year - TCU English Department (2007-2008)
  • Mirabeau B. Lamar Award of Excellence in Teaching, Center Point ISD (2002-2003)
  • Outstanding Sigma Tau Delta English Major, Schreiner University (2001-2002)
  • "Top Paper" at Popular Culture Symposium, Schreiner University (2000)

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Professional Service

Texas Christian University

  • Koehler Center Advisory Council - Graduate Student Representative (2010-2011)
  • Frog Camp - Faculty Facilitator (2010)
  • English Department Composition Committee - Member (2010-2011)
  • Vision in Action Strategic Planning - Graduate Student Focus Group (2010)
  • English Department - Graduate Student Mentor (2008-2009, 2010-2011)
  • Graduate Student Senate - Vice President (2008-2009)
  • Instructional Development Committee - Graduate Representative (2008-2009, 2010-2011)
  • Grade Appeals Committee - Graduate Representative (2008-2009)
  • Presented in Academics section of TCU Virtual Experience Video (2008)

University of Houston

  • Graduate English Society - Member (2006-2007)

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